Prynceps is an HR Consulting Firm, specialising in customised health sector recruitment, assessment and coaching.

Patricia Roch

Founder, Chief Executive

Christine Febvre


Our external consultants

Dominique Pujo


Marie Gonon

Senior Consultant
Assessment and Coaching

Customised recruitment in France and abroad

our lines of business – France and abroad

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Biotech
  • OTC/Pharmacy
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Dermo-cosmetology
  • Medical equipment and gear, Diagnostics
  • Dental/Veterinary
  • Cosmetic Industry

positions in management, operations and support

  • Executive Management
  • BU Department
  • Human Resources Department (HRD), Finance Department (FD), Legal
  • Marketing/Sales Department
  • Medical Department
  • R&D, Production, Supply Chain
  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • KAM, Hospital Representative
  • MSL
  • Product Doctor
  • Head of Training
  • Pharmaceutical Representative

Specific position

  • Market Access
  • Business Development
  • Trade Marketing
  • Head Pharmacist
  • Regulatory Pharmacist
  • Public Affairs
  • Community Manager

A pharmaceutical industry benchmark

Prynceps was awarded the Pharmaceutical Trophy in 2015 and 2016 for its advertising campaign.

Our values support the principles that underpin our business, practices and attitudes towards our clients, candidates and employees.

  • Confidentiality
    Our contacts and dealings are kept private. Any information about businesses or individuals shall not be disclosed.
  • Ethics
    We are particularly sensitive to the ethics in our line of work. We intend to practice our profession in strict compliance with fundamental human rights and to ensure professional and customised service for our candidates and clients in keeping with our commitments.
  • Closeness and responsiveness
    The human dimension of our firm fosters close relationships with both our clients and candidates. We are available and quite involved with our clients and candidates.
  • Requirement
    For each of our missions, we apply the most stringent requirements with regard to our search methods, our expectations of candidates, and the quality of our proposals.
  • Transparency
    We are committed to fostering maximum transparency vis-a-vis our stakeholders. This willingness to be objective translates into regular and thorough reporting, including when problems arise.
  • Respect and attentiveness
    We treat everyone with respect, courtesy and fairness. We are attentive, respectful, courteous and fair.

Employee recruitment is strategic for the company. Through our Recruitment solutions, we help clients achieve optimum results by choosing the most specialised profiles.

From conventional recruitment to direct sourcing, we tailor our methods and means to your needs. For recruiting specific profiles, with strategic or rare responsibilities, direct sourcing in your competitive environment is the most relevant and suitable solution.

We provide a selection of profiles, based on the search for the best possible combination between your company, its culture and values, the position to be filled and the chosen candidate.

Our Methodology

  • – Briefing with the company, gathering and clarifying position-specific expectations, organisational analysis, culture and conveyed values
  • – Developing an appropriate search methodology
  • – Sourcing potential candidates: direct sourcing, advertising, databases, network, outsourcing through key individuals in the market
  • – Processing and selection of applications
  • – Telephone screening, in-person interview
  • – Assessment tools, personality tests
  • – Assisting with client decision-making
  • – Gathering professional references

Our firm takes an exclusive approach to searching for candidates

The assessment is a decision-making aid that takes an objective look at a candidate’s future suitability for an available position. The goal is to foster success in the performance of new responsibilities.

  • What does an assessment involve?
    A candidate assessment is a thorough evaluation that involves administering a psychometric questionnaire complemented by an interview and a simulation.
    It is intended to complement the more traditional evaluation methods, such as the evaluation interview or self-evaluation, thereby enhancing the quality of HR decisions.
  • What does coaching involve?
    Individual coaching is no longer exclusively reserved for senior managers: middle management also has its own demands and urgency.
  • When does coaching come into play?
    – Supporting managers in new situations (driving change, assuming new duties)
    – Making difficult decisions successfully
    – Managing a sensitive project
    – Striving for stronger leadership


  • – Our premium commitment: quality with the selection of profiles with high added value
  • – Comprehensive and flexible solutions: Recruitment – Assessment/Coaching
  • – Proven and recognised know-how
  • – In-depth knowledge of health professions
  • – A consultant dedicated to your mission
  • – The flexibility of a small structure that fosters closeness and responsiveness with your dedicated consultant
  • – A long-term value-building approach with both our clients and candidates
  • – An excellent network, a strong relational fabric
  • – Constant market oversight making it possible to anticipate future recruitment needs and detect the greatest potential